Color metering for all project sizes.

davis-colors-granumat-schematic-thumbGranumat automatic metering systems are available in three base models with a variety of configurations and features to accomodate the varying requirements and budgets of concrete product manufacturers.


The Babymat™ is designed for single color metering accurate to +/- 50 grams. The Granumat® MC can handle up to 6 colors, store 99 recipes in its PLC control and meter color accurately to +/- 30 grams. The top-of-the-line Granumat® PC is operated by computer and capable of handling six colors, 600 recipes, alternating recipes randomly or in sequence and metering accurately to +/- 10 grams.


All Granumat® systems can be positioned up to 150 feet away from the mixer and all are capable of serving up to three mixers simultaneously.

davis-colors-granumat-meteringThe Granumat® automatic metering system is fully-closed and can serve up to three separate mixers simultaneously over a distance of 150 feet.

Low-profile, horizontal-feed Granumat® 6-color dispensing system for factories with headroom restrictions.