Concrete Palette Software

Delivering amazing concrete colors.

Concrete Palette Software From Davis ColorsThe Concrete Palette™ by Davis Colors is the first computer-visualizing software tool that turns custom concrete colors viewed on a computer monitor into colors cast in concrete. With the ever-growing popularity of stamped concrete the Concrete Palette gives a designer more color options for their stamped concrete or decorative concrete projects. Now it is possible to create a color for stamped concrete that complements your own environment.


With the Concrete Palette™ you can view a “virtual sample tile” and then see what the color looks like in different sample paving or architectural concrete project photos. You can enlarge the photo and see the impact of small color changes using the “color tuner” button. After selecting a color, you can request a sample concrete swatch or order a custom-made concrete tile sample by clicking the “Get Sample” button.


The Concrete Palette™ is specifically calibrated to work together with Davis Colors’ Chameleon® automatic color dosing system and Hydrotint liquid color pigments. The Chameleon® system is used in Ready Mix plants to automate the addition of color much like a tinting system does in a paint store. These colors are mixed into the concrete for use in stamped concrete, decorative concrete, tilt-up and anywhere else concrete is used.