Concrete Block

Color your world.

Standard gray concrete block is so ordinary, builders hide them in basements, under coats of paint and where the neighbors can’t see them. Thanks to Davis Colors, concrete masonry enjoys a place in the sun. Concrete Masonry manufacturers combine our integral colors together with colored aggregates and special finishes to transform ordinary masonry into something special.


We work behind the scenes with Concrete Masonry manufacturers to provide them with the technical services, color additives for mortar, color additives for concrete block, and handling systems they need to manufacture concrete block and retaining wall units that meets your design requirements.


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For more information on Concrete Masonry or Retaining Wall Units, contact the following industry association:


National Concrete Masonry Association

13750 Sunrise Valley Drive

Herndon, VA 20171-4662

T: (703) 713-1900

F: (703) 713-1910