Product Literature

Information for Professionals.


  1. Material Data Safety Sheets & Tech Data Sheets

    You can download Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) & Tech Data Sheets (TDS) here.


  2. An Investigation of Fastness of Concrete Colors
    A report written by Milton H. Wills on the fastness of Concrete Colors.
  3. Appearance Requirements for Colored Concrete
    This is a brief statement describing the causes and effects that can impact the appearance of colored concrete published by the Decorative Concrete Council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors.
  4. Chameleon® Liquid Color Metering Systems
    Chameleon® systems are PC-operated automatic color batching systems specifically designed for ready-mix, precast and masonry manufacturing operations. The Chameleon® Express automatic bucket-filling system is designed for building material dealer or small-batching operations.
  5. Chameleon™ Concrete Palette™
    The first computer-visualizing software tool that turns colors viewed on a computer monitor into colors cast in concrete.
  6. Cleaning and Sealing Concrete Pavers
    Review the proper methods for cleaning and sealing interlocking concrete pavers.
  7. Color & Texture in Architectural Concrete
    An article published in 1995 describing different cast-in-place concrete textures and colors and the method of achieving them.
  8. Color Automation (Concrete Products reprint)
    Ready-Mix producers eye automated coloring systems.
  9. Color Dispensing Systems
    Information to help Manufacturers decide which automatic color dosing system is right for their operation.
  10. Color Seal II Tinted Cure and Sealer for Colored Concrete
    Color Seal II is a semi-clear sealer that is tinted to match colored concrete.
  11. Color in Concrete: Beauty and Durability
    Learn about the long lasting durability of iron oxide pigments in concrete.
  12. Concrete Cliffhanger
    See what went into building the Hoover Dam visitor facilities.
  13. Concrete Color Selector
    This is Davis Colors’™ color chart for integrally (mixed in) colored concrete. The Concrete Color Selector shows our forty standard concrete colors. (This PDF copy is intended to give ideas for your project. Do not use this pdf version of our color chart for your final color selection. Please finalize your color selection from a job-site test, visit a similar project or refer to our original printed color card or hard samples.)
  14. Concrete Colors
    A collage of colorful projects plus installation guidelines.
  15. Contractor’s Guide to Color Concrete
    This guide explains the basics of producing high quality colored concrete and the how-to’s for maximizing surface appearance.
  16. Designing with Colored Masonry
    This article reprint shows some of the color and aesthetic possibilities when colored concrete masonry is specified in designs for buildings and structures.
  17. Ensuring the Quality of Colored Concrete Finishes
    Learn how materials and workmanship can affect the final appearance of concrete.
  18. Granufin® Low-Dust Colors
    See why Concrete Product Manufacturers are switching to granular colors.
  19. Granumat® Dry Color Metering Systems
    Granumat® systems are PC-operated automatic color batching systems specifically designed to work in combination with our Granufin® free-flowing, low-dust granules for concrete product manufacturing operations.
  20. Great Projects Brochure
    A collage of colorful projects plus installation guidelines.
  21. Guide Spec for Concrete Finishes
    Section 03 35 19 – For integrally colored cast-in-place concrete and concrete paving.
  22. Guide Spec for Masonry
    Section 04 20 00 – For manufactured colored concrete masonry units
  23. Guide Spec for Mortar
    Section 04 05 13 – For colored mortar in masonry and brick projects
  24. Guide Spec for Precast
    Section 03 45 00 – For integrally colored precast concrete
  25. Guide Spec for Tilt-Up
    Section 03 47 13 – For Integrally colored tilt-up concrete
  26. Hydrotint® Liquid Colors
    Liquid colors and automatic dosing systems for concrete manufacturers and ready mix suppliers.
  27. Interlocking Concrete Pavers
    A pictorial of urban environments enhanced by colored concrete pavers.
  28. LEED Recycled Content/Environmental Points
    Davis Colors are made with recycled content which helps projects qualify for LEED points.
  29. LEED Solar Reflective Index (SRI) Values
    Independently verified LEED Solar Reflective Index measurements for concrete colored with Davis colors.
  30. Los Angeles Cathedral in Color
    The recently completed Cathedral of Los Angeles is constructed almost entirely of colored concrete. Read about how this monumental project was constructed to create a structure that will stand the test of time.
  31. Manufacturing Colored Concrete Masonry
    Read about what goes into manufacturing quality colored concrete masonry units.
  32. Mix-Ready® Brochure
    Information about our innovative MixReady® disintegrating bags for ready mix manufacturers and contractors.
  33. Mortar Color: How-To Tips
    Information and How-To Tips for Contractors how to mix and finish mortar color consistently. Also useful for Architects and spec writers.
  34. Spec Data
    Basic Concrete Materials & Methods data sheets.
  35. There’s $$Green in Colored Concrete Work
    Ready Mix manufacturers and contractors reveal that colored concrete is good for business.
  36. True-Tone™ Select Series Mortar Color Chart
    PDF version of our printed color chart. True-Tone™ Select Series colors can be mixed into concrete or mortar to add beauty and appeal to any block, brick, and stone project. The Select Series mortar colors are formulated for mixing into straight cement or mortar mixes using bagged cement (and/or lime) and sand mixed on site.
  37. True-Tone™ Sweet 16 Mortar Color Chart
    PDF version of our printed color chart showing 16 different mortar colors at three different dose rates, plus one series of mortar colors made with white cement. Sweet 16 mortar colors are formulated for mixing with pre-bagged/pre-mix mortar products.
  38. True-Tone™ Sweet-16 Mortar Colors
    See our spectrum of mortar colors and learn how they enhance the beauty of brick, block and stone.
  39. W1000 Clear Cure and Sealer for Colored Concrete
    Application instructions and information about our non-yellowing, clear sealer for concrete.
  40. White Cement and Colored Concrete
    An article published by the Portland Cement Association describing some of the advantages of colored concrete made with white cement as well as mixing and i