Why Davis

The highest quality concrete color in the industry.

We do the dirty work. The main ingredient in our color additives is so strong, one tablespoon full can tint enough paint to cover most houses. We manufacture millions of pounds per year. You can imagine what our factories look like. But we love the stuff. We refine and process it, we mix and match colors, we pack it into disintegrating bags or seal it into little boxes, we liquefy it, we even purify it and spray it into tiny micro-granules that you can hardly see. All of the above so our customers can use it without hardly touching it.


Davis Colors Distributor MapDavis blankets North America and seventeen other countries.

Not only do we make the stuff, we help sell it. We print and distribute color selection cards and information on how to make colored concrete a success. We work behind the scenes with manufacturers of masonry block, pavers, retaining wall units, ready mix and roof tile so they can meet your design requirements. We have a network of independent distributors and dealers that spans the U.S., Canada and Mexico as well as in seventeen other countries. We blanket the U.S. with 24 warehouses, 140 distributors and 1,300 manufacturers of concrete products.


Color for Paving

With its durability, moldability and life-cycle cost advantages, concrete is the obvious choice for many paving applications. The real question is, “What color do you want?” Davis Colors™ makes it easy; we offer the widest selection of standard and custom colors in the concrete industry.


Our colors are used by Ready-Mix Companies, Concrete Paving Unit Manufacturers, Contractors, Tile and Brick Manufacturers, Architects, Builders and even Do-It-Yourselfers. Integral color is a way to take the “ordinary” look out of concrete and make paving that blends in or structures that stand out.


Color for Structures

Concrete is being rediscovered by builders and architects because it has always been environmentally “green” and it meets owners increasing demand for construction value. Few investments match the permanence of concrete.

davis-colors-about-powderDavis Colors™ are used by companies that make Concrete Block, Retaining Wall Units, Pre-Cast Panels, Cast Stone, Brick and Stucco. Plasterer’s and Masons use Davis Colors™ to spice up mortar joints or swimming pool plaster. We’ve even known a few artists to use Davis Colors in plaster murals, concrete furniture and countertops, or to create unusual effects in ordinary dry-wall plaster.


Most of all, Davis Colors™ are used in structures made of concrete because they make colored surfaces that look natural, not glossy or artificial. And if it’s the shiny look you’re after, integrally colored concrete surfaces can be ground and polished like terrazzo or hard-troweled and sealed like a showroom floor.


Quality in Every Step

Davis Colors™ capabilities include blending, grinding, classifying, treating and packaging colors. All of these processes are completed with care under the control of rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures. We use computerized color measuring instruments and certify every batch after a standardized routine of tests including multiple visual inspections by trained color technicians.