Concrete Pavers

Color your world.

Gecko Stone™ © 1997 John AugustAdmittedly inspired by artist M. C. Escher, August's copyrighted design is uniquely different - transforming a derivative image into a practical art form through a process known as tessellation or tiling - a combination of both art and geometry. August has incorporated this technique into a series of truly interlocking pavers which require no additional borders to keep them from wandering off in your garden. To find learn more about John Austust's products visit his website at or call him at 888-976-1190. Photo is copyrighted by Geckostone - John August.Concrete unit pavers are a rapidly growing paving method used in commercial, governmental and residential construction projects. They are manufactured in large quantities at big factories and delivered to job-sites ready-to-install over prepared and compacted sub-grades. They are installed by machine or by hand and vibrated into final position. They “interlock” together to form a patterned surface which can be put into service immediately. Interlocking pavers can even be removed and re-installed, minimizing future service interruptions.


We work behind the scenes with Concrete Paver manufacturer’s to supply them with the technical services, color additives and handling systems they need to make integrally colored pavers and other products that meet your design requirements.


To Locate a Roof Tile Manufacturer that uses Davis Colors, contact us.


For more information on pavers and their use, contact the following industry associations:


Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute USA

13921 Park Center Road, Suite 270

Herndon VA 20171

T: (703) 657-6900

F: (703) 657-6901




National Concrete Masonry Association

13750 Sunrise Valley Drive

Herndon, VA 20171-4662

T: (703) 713-1900

F: (703) 713-1910





Headquarters Office

4362 Northlake Boulevard, Suite 204

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

T: (561) 626-4666

F: (561) 627-6403