Important specification information.

Davis Colors add color to the design of sidewalks, driveways, patios, streets, parking lots and other concrete pavements. They can be combined with patterns and textures to create a wide range of finishes.


Integral colors are economical to use because they are mixed into the concrete and require little additional labor to finish. Because integral colors extend throughout the slab, the color shows through even if the slab chips or is exposed. Davis Colors are made with pure, concentrated pigments especially treated for mixing into concrete. They are lightfast, alkali-resistant, weather resistant, and formulated to give long-lasting appeal to concrete.


In general, integrally colored concrete pavement is produced the same way as high-quality uncolored pavement. This document suggests specification provisions which pertain to colored concrete paving. INCORPORATE INFORMATION FROM THIS GUIDE SPECIFICATION INTO A COMPLETE MASTER SPECIFICATION FOR CONCRETE PAVING. Then edit to meet project requirements. Prepare specification in accordance with ACI recommendations and other applicable industry guidelines. Show locations and details of each type of colored concrete pavement drawings.


This document is available in word processing format from Davis Colors via the Internet or diskette. For product literature or technical assistance about pigments, contact Davis Colors at 800-356-4848 (323-269-7311 California).


Material Data Safety Sheets & Tech Data Sheets

You can download Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) & Tech Data Sheets (TDS) here.


davis-colors-download-icon-docGuide Spec for Tilt-Up

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SKU: DC217
Section 03 47 13 – For Integrally colored tilt-up concrete


davis-colors-download-icon-docGuide Spec for Concrete Finishes

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SKU: DC218
Section 03 35 19 – For integrally colored cast-in-place concrete and concrete paving.


davis-colors-download-icon-docGuide Spec for Mortar

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SKU: DC228
Section 04 05 13 – For colored mortar in masonry and brick projects


davis-colors-download-icon-docGuide Spec for Precast

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SKU: DC221
Section 03 45 00 – For integrally colored precast concrete


davis-colors-download-icon-docGuide Spec for Masonry

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SKU: DC220
Section 04 20 00 – For manufactured colored concrete masonry units


Compliance with ASTM Specifications

The majority of Davis Colors products are made of Synthetic Iron Oxide which is a non-fading, inert pigment that we prepare especially for mixing into concrete and concrete products. Synthetic Iron Oxide complies with ASTM C-979 Standards for Integral Concrete Colors. For information on ASTM specifications or to download copies of ASTM C979, go to www.astm.org.