True Tone

Delivering Amazing Concrete Colors

This pool deck is paved with Nicolock’s Country pavers with their Autumn color blend. Nicolock uses Davis Colors concrete pigments to make their custom color blends. To learn more about Nicolock’s products visit them at Tone™ Sweet 16™ colors turn ordinary mortar into 64 exciting shades. With such a large selection, your imagination can really take off. Mortar colors enhance the beauty of brick, block and stone to quicken the pulse of designers and homeowners. Jobs go faster, too, because True Tone™ dose-sized boxes don’t require weighing. And since a little goes a long way, True Tones are economical to use. Durable True Tone™ colors go the distance to provide a long lasting, natural mortar finish.



True Tone™ colors contain iron oxide made from reclaimed metal or naturally occurring ores plus conditioners. Every batch is produced under rigid QUALITY controls for uniform color box-to-box and year-to-year. True Tones exceed ASTM C979 – Standard Specifications for Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete and can also be mixed into concrete, grout or plaster. Used within recommended mix rates (10% maximum), they won’t harm mortar strength or durability. True Tone colors are sun – fast, lime proof, weather resistant and environmentally SAFE.


Easy-To-Use & Versatile

True Tone™ Sweet 16™ colors are packed in convenient 1-1/2 lb. dose-sized boxes and bags. Create a range of shades simply by adding the specified number of boxes to each sack of cement or lime.


Precast colored concrete countertop and made by Flying Turtle Cast Concrete ( Concrete colored with custom colors using Davis Colors’ concrete pigments ( column on the True Tone™ Sweet 16™ card shows a different addition rate (mix rate) of pigment to be added for each sack of cement or lime in the mix. The swatches represent mortar made with gray masonry cement and common sand, except the lightest samples which are made with white cement and sand.


True Tone™ colored mortar can typically be installed in the same manner as uncolored mortar. Follow instructions on True Tone™ box and Data Sheet and observe good masonry practices. Use sand and cement from the same source throughout a project. Do not use colors with calcium chloride accelerators or other admixtures containing chloride ions.


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