For Professionals

Davis Colors for Professionals.

View from the outside of Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral. This project was colored with Davis Colors concrete color pigments Color is Cathedral Buff.Davis Colors are made with pure concentrated pigments especially processed for mixing into portland cement concrete. They are lightfast, alkali-resistant, weather-resistant, and formulated to give long-lasting appeal to concrete. Davis Colors give concrete the added design dimension of color.


Basic Use:
Use Davis Colors in cast-in-place concrete buildings, and structures. Davis Colors can also be used in concrete paving and slabs, precast and tilt-up concrete, concrete masonry units, concrete unit pavers, masonry mortar, shotcrete, plaster, and other concrete products.


Davis Colors are color admixtures made from metal or mineral oxides either recycled from iron or refined from the earth. Most Davis Colors are made from iron oxide, an abundant and environmentally safe material. (Davis Colors 807 and 8084 are concentrated carbon black, treated in a proprietary process for extra tint strength and dispersability. They are economical alternatives where concrete is not air-entrained and is sealed against water damage.)


Davis Colors Yosemite Brown Colored Concrete being placed by hand.
Davis Colors are manufactured to exact quality control standards to maintain uniformity of color from bag-to-bag and year-to-year. They are mechanically milled to microscopic particle size to obtain high tinting strength.


Davis Colors are packed in Mix-Ready® disintegrating bags. Mix-Ready bags can be tossed into concrete mixers without opening or pouring. They are made of special paper and adhesive which get soggy when wet and disintegrate during mixing. The bags release Davis Colors deep in the mixer to disperse uniformly. Color handling is clean and there are no empty sacks to litter the job-site. Mix-Ready is the original disintegrating bag for concrete colors and has been used successfully in millions of yards of concrete.


For more information about Davis Colors including limitations, technical data, installation and more, view the Architect’s Guide